What is saveday?

SaveDay is a tool that can help you quickly save, search and summarize your favorite content. From everywhere, for everything.

Why are we building saveday?

Empowering individuals to improve their ability to acquire, understand, and communicate ideas.
Being the driving force that inspires people to actively embrace big ideas, critical thinking, and intellectual exploration.

What problems are we seeking to resolve?

The problem we are addressing is how to store and access the information that people consume for future use. In a rapidly evolving digital era where vast amounts of information are being consumed, there is a growing need to devise strategies and mechanisms to capture, organize, and retain this knowledge effectively. The objective is to create a reliable system that can help avid readers like us to save and retrieve consumed information seamlessly, allowing everyone to access and leverage it conveniently in the future, thereby enhancing their productivity, learning, and decision-making processes.

What is our solution?

As a solution, we offer a free Telegram bot, a free Chrome extension, and an Edge add-on, along with a web app that allows you to quickly capture content from anywhere. Using AI-driven search capabilities, SaveDay retrieves your saved items with just a simple description. It also generates concise notes, streamlining the process of content organization and sharing.

When did we start saveday?

In March 2023, we started our work on this endeavor.