What is saveday?

SaveDay is a tool that can help you quickly save, search and summarize your favorite content. From everywhere, for everything.

What is SaveDay?

SaveDay is a smart tool to capture, organize and utilize your knowledge. From everywhere, for everything.

Why are we building SaveDay?

Vision: SaveDay's vision is to enhance the productivity of knowledge workers.

Mission: SaveDay's mission is to be the world’s most customer-centric company with high performance through the application of new technologies in the workplace.

What problems are we seeking to resolve?

The problem we are addressing is how to store and access the information that people consume for future use. In a rapidly evolving digital era where vast amounts of information are being consumed, there is a growing need to devise strategies and mechanisms to capture, organize, and retain this knowledge effectively. The objective is to create a reliable system that can help avid readers like us to save and retrieve consumed information seamlessly, allowing everyone to access and leverage it conveniently in the future, thereby enhancing their productivity, learning, and decision-making processes.

What is our solution?

As a solution, we provide a wide range of tools such as Telegram bot, browser extension, web app and mobile app that let you quickly save your favorite content from everywhere, for everything. Utilizing AI-driven search capabilities, SaveDay retrieves your saved items with just a simple description. It also generates concise keynotes, streamlining the process of content organization and sharing. Moreover, SaveDay helps you develop rational thoughts from your collection items by providing personalized, transparent, and effective solutions tailored to your knowledge usage needs.