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A bot that helps you quickly save, search and summarize your favorite content

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Save your favorite content in 2 taps

All the content you encounter on the internet, such as images, YouTube videos, PDF files, tweets or podcasts can now be effortlessly saved with SaveDay.

Search for what you need on the go

You can easily search and find your saved content by color, brand, keyword, date or any words you can remember, in any language.

Summarize content at your fingertips

Tired of lengthy content? Whether it’s an article or a video, SaveDay can give you the main ideas right away. Besides, you can share it with anyone in a minute with stunning templates.

But wait, there are more


Add reminders for your saved items to revisit later.

Manage all bookmarks

View a comprehensive list of all your saved items in one place.

Share your highlights

Highlight your favorite sentence and share it on social media with a social-ready design.

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