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Senior student

"A must-have item. I love the function to generate an image note from the summary. It is very convenient to share with friends or simply save for learning."

• Save quick notes, academic journals, and every learning material in one place

• Summarize lengthy lectures and articles into concise points

Younghwi Cho
UX designer

"This is an awesome idea! I used to use the "talking to myself" feature in a chat app to save important links for quick access. Now, this can serve as a perfect replacement for me!"

• Save images, websites, and design examples to easily access the collection of visual references

• Rapidly search for saved items just by typing simple keywords, even with images or videos

Akoh Onate
Content creator

"Super pumped about this innovative tool. A great way to save an ideal amount of time, especially for a Telegram nerd like me."

• Save useful content references to one single source of inspiration

• Quickly create social posts from long videos and articles

Md Altiam Kabir

"SaveDay's instant saving and easy search functionality is a game-changer for productivity. Huge congratulations on your Product Hunt launch! A fantastic tool to stay organized. Well deserved!"

• Quickly summarize lengthy news and articles into concise text and images, enabling efficient knowledge absorption

• Easily share knowledge with team members, increasing productivity and collaboration

Allison Davis

“SaveDay is an invaluable tool for any researcher. It can generate key notes in a scientific way and I love that it is always available on many devices. Highly recommend!”

• Save data, charts and graphs from relevant research reports into a single place

• Summarize long-form research reports into concise notes to deliver insights in an understandable way

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