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SaveDay helps you summarize any lengthy articles into concise content with social-ready designs

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Distraction and ad-free watching

Read the main ideas from lengthy articles right away without ads, popups, graphics, and other online distractions

Avoid clickbait

Condense any articles' key points while filtering out weak arguments

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my content private and secure?
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Yes, we promise that all of your content is kept confidential and secure. The security of your data and your privacy is our top priority and SaveDay takes it very seriously. SaveDay does not share any of your content with third parties. Your data is safe with us.

What types of articles can SaveDay handle?
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SaveDay can handle a variety of articles, including industry news, blog articles, long form, and more.

Can I summarize articles in different languages?
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Yes, SaveDay's article summarizer supports multiple languages.

Is there a fee to use SaveDay?
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No, you don't have to pay anything to use SaveDay! Our Basic Plan is totally free and lets you save unlimited items, search, highlight, take notes, and more. Although you might have limits on some features like getting key points and Q&A, you still get some free credits every month. So, go ahead and enjoy SaveDay without worrying about any fees!

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