February 17, 2024

Get keynotes from Youtube video instantly

In this blog post, we will take a look at how to get keynotes from a YouTube video with SaveDay.

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In today's fast-paced world, where everything is available with just a few clicks, acquiring knowledge has become easier than ever before. One of the most popular platforms for learning and acquiring knowledge is YouTube. With over 2 billion active users, YouTube has become a go-to platform for millions of people seeking information and knowledge. However, not everyone has the time to watch complete videos to extract the key points. 

Fortunately, there are tools available that allow you to extract the key points from a YouTube video instantly. In this blog post, we will take a look at how to get key notes from a YouTube video with SaveDay.

1. Why Should We Get Keynotes From Youtube Video


Watching a long Youtube video can be time-consuming, especially if we are only interested in certain parts of it. Keynotes can save us time by allowing us to get the gist of the content without having to watch the entire video.


Keynote images from Youtube videos can be accessed anywhere, anytime. They can be easily saved on our phones or laptops, allowing us to revisit the information whenever we want. It's also much more convenient to read a keynote image than to watch a video, especially in situations where audio or video may not be appropriate.


Keynotes can help us better understand the content by highlighting the essential points and breaking down complex ideas. It can help us to better grasp the topic and make connections between different pieces of information presented in the video.

2. How To Get Keynotes From Youtube Video Instantly With SaveDay

Step 1: Type the command /key + the links of any Youtube video that you like 

get keynotes from youtube video on telegram

Step 2: Wait for SaveDay Bot to send you the result

summarize youtube video results

Step 3: Get concise key information generated by SaveDay

key information generated by saveday bot telegram

Step 4: Click to “Generate images” to get shareable keynotes 

generate image from key points of saveday bot

In conclusion, with the help of SaveDay, it is possible to extract keynotes from YouTube videos. Utilizing AI-driven capabilities, SaveDay can generate concise keynotes, streamlining the process of content organization and sharing. With a stunning design, the extracted keynotes can be shared on various platforms, making it easier to inform others. So why wait? Give SaveDay Bot a try today!