February 17, 2024

What’s new in SaveDay: We’ve released our alpha web app

This post introduces the release of SaveDay's alpha web app, including 2 features: new content library and collection

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Finally, a visually stunning library!

Get ready to upgrade your SaveDay experience with our alpha web app – it's like a content-saving party, and everyone's invited! We’re proudly introducing 2 features that'll make interacting with your saved content way more exciting:

1. The new content library 

Say "I do" to an interactive, visually awesome content library. No more snooze-inducing lists here – it's time to visually browse your saved items. It's like window shopping, but without having to leave your couch!

SaveDay new content library

2. The collection feature

Get your digital Marie Kondo on with the new collection feature. Organize your content like a pro and find exactly what you need in a snap!

SaveDay collection feature

These features have been carefully crafted with your needs in mind, and we are committed to continually improving and refining our product to deliver better user experience.

Thank you for your continued support and valuable feedback. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we continue on this journey of innovation!