What’s new in SaveDay: We’ve released our new extension version

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Hi buddy! We’re proudly introducing the latest version of SaveDay extension ⭐️ Our aim with this update is to assist you in remembering more by providing additional context, whether it's about the source of the content or the moment you engage with it.

1. May the context be with you!

Sticky notes

First, with the new version, you'll be able to add notes that stay on the web, thus helping you understand the context better. This will be particularly useful when reading an article or searching for important information, as these notes allow you to revisit specific sentences without re-reading the entire page.

SaveDay sticky notes

Highlight notes

Besides, now you can highlight and annotate important information based on this highlight. This feature enables you to extract key details and add personal insights, fostering a more interactive and personalized browsing experience.

SaveDay highlight notes

Timestamp notes

Moreover, we also created an exciting feature to enhance your YouTube experience, which is timestamp notes. Picture this: you're watching a YouTube video, and bam! With timestamp notes, you can capture specific moments that matter to you, making it a breeze to revisit them later. 

SaveDay timestamp notes

2. Key notes are now AI notes

Oh, and let's not forget AI notes—yes, you read that right, not 'key notes' or ‘key points’ anymore. Our AI-powered feature will extract essential information from your favorite videos and web pages, providing insightful summaries effortlessly.

SaveDay AI note

You can check out our new features via our Chrome extension and Edge add-on 

We've kept your feedback in mind every step of the way, and we can't wait for you to get your hands on these upgrades. So, get ready to take your note-taking game to a whole new level with the new SaveDay upgrade 😄  

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