Can you bookmark YouTube videos? Here's everything you need to know!

how to bookmark a site and how to youtube bookmark

Hey YouTube addicts! Ever felt the pain of losing that hilarious cat video in the endless abyss of your feed? Fear not, because today we're diving into the world of YouTube bookmarking! Get ready to never lose track of your favorite vids again.

1. How do I add a website to my bookmarks?

Learning how to bookmark a site with just a few simple clicks to never lose track of your favorite websites. 

If you're unsure how to bookmark webpages while you're using Chrome, this is all you need to know about creating, finding and editing bookmarks in Google Chrome. For Microsoft Edge browser, check out this comprehensive guide for step-by-step instructions and handy tips to streamline your browsing experience. 

With this knowledge at your fingertips, you'll be bookmarking like a pro in no time!

2. What is video bookmarking?

Video bookmarking is the act of saving or marking a particular point or segment within a video for easy reference or future viewing. Essentially, it serves as a digital marker, allowing users to quickly revisit specific moments of interest within lengthy video content without the need to watch the entire video again. 

learn how to bookmark web page and also youtube bookmark

Video bookmarking is like putting a sticky note on a specific part of a video that you want to remember. It helps you keep track of the cool or important bits without having to watch the whole video again. So, instead of searching through a long video to find that funny moment or useful tip, you can just click on your bookmark and go straight to it!

Video bookmarking provides a convenient way to organize and access important or noteworthy sections within videos, whether for personal reference, research purposes, or sharing with others.

3. How to bookmark a video on YouTube?

Discover how to do Youtube bookmark for easy access later. Unlike other videos, YouTube offers vast content variety, making bookmarking essential for users to revisit valuable information or entertainment conveniently. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the video and ensure your browser's page URL is active.

Step 2: Press Ctrl + D (Cmd + D on Mac) or click the star icon in the address bar.

discover simple ways to youtube bookmark

Step 3: Choose a folder to save your video.

Step 4: Click Done to save it.

This method enables bookmarking without signing in. 

for youtube bookmark, you can use the same mechanism with how to bookmark web page

Alternatively, do Youtube bookmark by adding videos to your playlists, especially on mobile devices: 

Step 1: Click the Save button on a video.

Step 2: Select one or more playlists to add the video to. Using this, you can create a folder called Bookmarks, Saved Videos, or similar. 

Step 3: Use the left sidebar (on desktop YouTube) or the Library tab on the mobile app to access that playlist in the future.

4. How to bookmark a playlist on YouTube?

When accessing a playlist on YouTube, its contents are displayed on the right side. Playlist URLs include the video being watched and its position within the playlist. These lengthy URLs resemble the following:

To bookmark a playlist in your browser, follow the same steps as above.

Alternatively, to save a playlist to your YouTube account, click the "Save playlist" button on the right side. This action ensures easy access from the "Library" tab on the left side of YouTube.

this is how you can bookmark a playlist on youtube

5. How do I add time to my YouTube link online?

When sharing a YouTube video, optimizing viewer experience is crucial. Utilize the YouTube bookmark feature to enhance user engagement. You might find yourself in a situation where the video's introduction seems lengthy and wish to direct attention to a specific segment. However, you don't want to provide explicit instructions on where to start. Fear not, as here are some ingenious tricks. They allow you to effortlessly create a timestamped URL using the YouTube bookmark option.

1. A quick and efficient method involves right-clicking on the playing video. Select "Copy video URL at current time." This action seamlessly copies a link to your clipboard. It includes the starting time appended to the end.

you can bookmark a youtube video by copying video URL at a specific time

2. For a more user-friendly approach, click the Share button below the video. YouTube will present a new box with a shortened video URL. Make use of the "Start at" box. This lets you incorporate a timestamp at the end of this URL. While it defaults to the current video time, feel free to modify this field as desired.

use the share button for youtube bookmark

3. Should you prefer a hands-on method, manually adding the timestamp element offers flexibility. You're not restricted to the aforementioned methods. Simply append "?t=X" to the video URL. "X" denotes the number of seconds into the video where it should commence.

4. Catering to those who desire a more detailed timestamp format, consider using "?t=XmYs." Specify the minutes and seconds timestamp at which the video should start. This versatile format also accommodates hours if necessary. By incorporating these innovative tricks, you can seamlessly leverage the YouTube bookmark feature. This optimizes your content for enhanced visibility and audience interaction.

6. How do you add time to a YouTube link on mobile?

In YouTube's mobile apps, users face a challenge with the lack of a direct YouTube bookmark feature for adding timestamps to links. However, there's a workaround:

1. Tap the Share button on the video and copy the link or share it via an app.

2. Note the desired timestamp.

3. Before sending the link, manually append the timestamp as described previously. Though less efficient than desktop, it still works.

7. How do I set start and end time on YouTube embeds?

If you wish, you can use a distinct method with URLs to indicate a specific endpoint for the video. This is particularly handy if you're sharing the video with someone less familiar with technology and want to limit their viewing duration.

To achieve this, you'll have to modify a regular video URL into an embed URL. For example, starting with this URL:

Identify the video ID, which follows the "=" symbol, and transform it into an embed link using this pattern:

Substitute the placeholders XX and YY with the starting and ending times in seconds. It's worth noting that only seconds are supported for both start and end times; you cannot use minutes or hours as previously mentioned. Furthermore, since it's an embed link, the video will open in a full-screen page rather than the standard YouTube interface. Don't forget to make use of the Youtube bookmark technique for better navigation!

youtube bookmarking includes setting start and end time on youtube embed

8. How do you bookmark a Youtube video with a timestamp?

You can't save a timestamped video into a YouTube playlist. However, you can bookmark the timestamped URL in your browser. Follow the above steps to generate the timestamped link, then open the URL and bookmark it. You can also hit the More button when you create a Youtube bookmark in Chrome, then change the URL field before saving it.

9. How do I share a video with timestamps?

Combining the tips above, it's easy to do Youtube bookmarks and share videos starting at a certain timestamp. To share a YouTube video that starts at a certain point, use any of the above methods to add the timestamp element to the URL, then send it to your friends. This simple Youtube bookmark technique enhances video sharing and viewing experiences.

10. Try some Chrome extensions to enhance bookmarking

If you often bookmark YouTube videos, the built-in options might not be enough. You can supplement them with a few Chrome extensions built for this purpose.

Smart Bookmarks for YouTube lets you add your own bookmarks to a video anywhere you like. Once you set a Youtube bookmark, you can add text notes to help you keep track of what you wanted to remember at that point.

YouTube Timestamps will pull all the timestamps in a video's description or comments and make them easier to see. It also displays them by the video title, so you can more easily keep track of which timestamp you're currently on. It's good for long soundtrack videos or similar.

Discover the best Chrome extensions for how to bookmark web page and Youtube bookmark:

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2. Curateit

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- Switch to a dark mode for universal readability

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3. Elink

- Import and organize links with comprehensive link import features

- Share your curated collection via email, newsletters, and other channels

- Access dedicated workspaces for efficient bookmark management

- Transform web pages into visually appealing email formats

You can bookmark videos with

4. Pocket

- Seamless synchronization of Youtube bookmarks across different browsers and devices

- User-friendly categorization and structuring of content for efficient organization

- Collaborative workspace for teams to collectively store and access bookmarks

- Note-adding capability, allowing users to include additional information with saved pages

Pocket is not bad in case you wonder how to bookmark web pages

5. Webcull

- Create shareable links for your bookmarked stacks with optional password protection

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