February 17, 2024

What’s new in SaveDay: We’ve released SaveDay Canvas

SaveDay Canvas isn't just another tool – it's your personalized guide to a more efficient and insightful digital world. Imagine having a reliable buddy, a steadfast co-pilot, and a thought partner for everything you've ever saved or seen online!

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Introducing SaveDay Canvas - an AI thought partner that helps you develop rational thoughts from your collection items. Our goal with this update is to enhance your productivity by providing personalized, transparent, and effective solutions tailored to your knowledge usage needs.

1. Transparent thought process

By using SaveDay Canvas, you can gain access to a clear breakdown of the thought process, helping you understand how our suggestions are formed. This transparency allows you to gain deeper insights into your reasoning, promoting a more coherent and logical approach to problem-solving.  

SaveDay Canvas steps

2. Tailored answer

SaveDay Canvas utilizes 100% of your saved items, including articles, images, or videos, to generate personalized responses, ensuring each answer is relevant and tailored to you.

SaveDay Canvas citations

SaveDay is all about empowering you with the tools to make clear-headed decisions. Whether you're dealing with a research task or addressing a complex problem, think of SaveDay Canvas as your trusty buddy, always there to help you find clarity and make the best choices.  

No more tedious scrolling through countless files and links. Simply save any items in your collection, and ask away.

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